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The Centre for Mobilities and Urban Studies (C-MUS) at Aalborg University is a trans-disciplinary research collaboration between mobility researchers from the Humanities Faculty, Social Science Faculty and the Engineering and Science Faculty at Aalborg University. In this blog you will find everything related to C-MUS.

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Master in Mobilities and Urban Studies

26.06.2013 • By C-MUS • C-MUS Newsfeed

Check out our new 2 year master programme in Mobilities & Urban Studies at the Department of Architecture, Design & Media Technology at Aalborg University in Denmark. The programme aims at educating students for a new, cross-disciplinary profession within mobilities that can contribute to handling the growing challenges facing society, businesses and individuals in relation to the development [...]


C-MUS Professor interviewed in the Portuguese Architeture and Art Journal arqa

16.01.2015 • By Ole B Jensen • C-MUS Newsfeed

C-MUS goes (even more) global with this new interview with Professor Ole B. Jensen in the Portuguese Architecture and Art Journal arqa (nov/dez. 2014) . The interview is about research in mobilities and the future with a special focus on the relationship to architecture and design. The Journal is in Portuguese (see attached document) but [...]


Brown Bag 2015 Spring Program

14.01.2015 • By C-MUS • C-MUS Newsfeed

C-MUS Brown Bag seminars   C-MUS Brown Bag seminars offer opportunities to spend your lunch hour in company with various researchers who will feed your brain with new ideas in Urban and Mobilities research, while you enjoy a sandwich provided by C-MUS (http://www.c-mus.aau.dk/). Please note that the speaker is responsible for booking the venue and [...]


BB15: Master’s Thesis Liveable Auckland

16.06.2015 12:00 • By C-MUS • 

June 16: Master’s Thesis Liveable Auckland – Transforming Urban Spaces Speaker: Students of Urban Design; June Gina Heiselberg, Michael Vestergaard Thomsen & Rikke Guldhammer Mogensen, AD:MT, AAU, mvth10@student.aau.dk , michael@liveableauckland.dk Abstract: Auckland City, New Zealand, have an ambitious goal for the city: “Auckland as the world’s most liveable city in 2040″. The talk will departure [...]


BB15: Copenhagen Airport as an International Hub

19.05.2015 12:00 • By C-MUS • 

May 19: Copenhagen Airport as an International Hub Speaker: Business PhD Student Jens Bloch, Dept. of Architecture and Media Technology Abstract: This presentation will report on a new Business PhD project concerning Copenhagen Airport as an international hub. The project is started by February 1 2015 so the presentation will cover the initial thoughts and [...]


BB15: Time use in semi-autonomous vehicles

23.04.2015 12:00 • By C-MUS • 

April 23: Time use in semi-autonomous vehicles – trust and the complex shifts in activities Speaker: Associate Professor Thomas Bjørner, Dept. of Architecture and Media Technology, tbj@create.aau.dk Abstract: The act of car driving is not just about getting from point A to point B, as it also contains very complex conceptualized issues full of meaning. [...]


BB15: Mapping the Genealogies of Mobilities Research

12.03.2015 12:00 • By C-MUS • 

March 12: Mapping the Genealogies of Mobilities Research Speakers: Research Assistant, Simon Wind, swin@create.aau.dk and Professor Ole B. Jensen, obje@create.aau.dk, both Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology Abstract: In this brown bag we wish to invite to a genuine blackboard mapping exercise! With point of departure in the mobilities turn we seek to explore [...]


BB15: Exploring Mental Mobilities in Hjørring Kommune

18.02.2015 12:00 • By C-MUS • 

February 18: Exploring Mental Mobilities in Hjørring Kommune – a brainstorm Speaker: Gunvor Larsen, Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, grla@create.aau.dk Abstract: Over the next year Hjørring Kommune will be exploring their mobilities potentials, and how mobilities can become a driver in the municipality’s efforts to embrace the challenges they face in terms of [...]


New Mobile Lives Forum Video Conference on Mobilities Design

26.09.2014 • By Ole B Jensen • C-MUS Newsfeed, Mobilities Design Group

Here is a new video conference from the Mobile Lives Forum’s web site where I am explaining in a little more detail what I think about when speaking of ‘Mobilities Design’. Also I am addressing the ’3D city’ and mobilities by using a student group model of the Copenhagen Metro. So watch me go’ design [...]


Første C-MUS Doktorforsvar

26.09.2014 • By Ole B Jensen • C-MUS Newsfeed, Mobilities Design Group

Doktorforsvar i Mobilitetsdesign Den 4. november 2014 kl. 13.00 forsvarer Professor, PhD, Ole B. Jensen sin afhandling ‘Staging Mobilities/ Designing Mobilities’. Afhandlingen er indleveret til forsvar for den Tekniske Doktorgrad ved det Teknisk-Naturvidenskabelige Fakultet på Aalborg Universitet. Bedømmelsesudvalget består af Professor John Urry, Lancaster University, Professor Rob Shields, University of Alberta og Professor Arne Remmen [...]


MDG F14 #2 Designing Affective Atmospheres on the Move

16.12.2014 12:00 • By C-MUS • 

MDG F14 #2 Designing Affective Atmospheres on the Move Time: Tuesday December 16, 12-2PM Place: Rendsburggade 14, room 4.315 This seminar concerns atmospheres and mobilities design. It will include a paper presentation by Simon Wind and Ditte Bendix Lanng, as well as a round-table discussion on an operational approach to atmospheres in mobilities design. Abstract: [...]